Replacement of 2007 Honda Accord Transmission Box

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Posted by Brave Auto Solution ltd on Saturday, September 21, 2019


transmission box is used to provide the gear reduction needed to transform the high speed of the engine to the requisite speed to drive the wheels. The gearbox is the chief component of the transmission system. The gearboxes are different for manual and automatic transmissions. Manual transmissions usually have five or six gears in the gearboxes. When the driver presses the clutch down, the sliding gear gets engaged with the appropriate gear.


There are higher and lower gears which when engaged with the sliding gear provide high and low speeds, respectively. Modern manual gearboxes employ a diagonal gear that keeps the sliding gear synchronized with the main gears. This design prevents the gears from clashing with one another.

Automatic transmissions use an automatic gearbox that allows the transmission to select the right gear, without having the driver to choose. A hydraulic system monitors the pressure of fluids in the engine and engages the appropriate gear with the help of a torque converter, with respect to the engine fluid’s pressure.

The torque converter engages the higher or lower gears, depending on whether the fluid pressure is high or low, respectively. so at all points, there’s a need to check the effectiveness of the automatic gearbox.